More innovations in the pipeline

We have received lots of feedback during our first year of operation as a startup. As we embark on our second year of operation we have secured additional funding to further develop Staff Times to optimize our service for more industries and user groups. In detail, we will focus our efforts on providing new features in the following areas:

1) Staff setup integrating employment terms & conditions to even better manage part-time staff and staff on hourly pay and automate annual leave carry-over.
2) Job tracking additional flags to create, group and filter by customers and projects.
3) Team names additional flags to create, group and filter by departments, branches and partners.
4) Work schedules create a weekly schedule to allocate your staff to various activities. Made for industries and jobs whose staff need to plan ahead.

These features will streamline integration with billing and accounting systems especially for industries who wish to track jobs on site and on the go. In addition, these features will optimize payroll accounting and enable accounting firms to better support small businesses.

We thank our customers and testers for the great feedback and collaboration in the past year. The Staff Times team looks forward to implementing the new features soon and supporting you in 2018!